Need you to help create australia’s definitive spagbol recipe

We know you think your recipe is pretty good, and so do your friends. But is it as good as Barry’s from round the corner?

Who’s Barry? Login and find out. Once you’ve created your account we’ll ask for your postcode and date of birth. This is so we can show you your neighbourhood recipes, good shopping spots, and fave eats from other SpagBol Projecters in your area. First name basis only and no identifying details. Don’t worry, we don’t want you to know exactly where Barry lives either.

As for the date of birth – we want to know how recipe creation and cooking styles change between the generations and we want to see whether the kids are bringing weird ingredients to the table, or if we’re all reverting to the comfort of tradition. Also, if you’re super lucky, we might just teleport you a birthday cake made of cold pasta and SpagBol buttercream on the day… ok that would be gross, but we will email you a recipe for choc-orange tiramisu cake, which is absolutely delicious.

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